17th -19th March 2023.

The Manufactured

Body Exhibition 2023.

Venue: The Ancient Priors, 49 – 51 High Street, Crawley West Sussex. RH10 1BW.

Tickets are free and give access to the exhibition Memory, Absence and Experience and Manufactured Body Exhibition.

Private View Tickets 17th March 2023

Tickets available for the 18th March 2023

Tickets available for the 19th March 2023.

The Exhibition is free, tickets are allocated for the day and you can arrive and leave at any time on your allocated day. The exhibition is PG12.

The exhibition is in conjunction with Word Fest Crawley Festival of Words in March 2023. The exhibition will be held within the historic grade 2 listed building, the Ancient Priors.

Other Events.

26th January Body as a Drawing Tool (Online) https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/i-draw-you-draw-it-draws-our-body-as-a-drawing-tool-with-alison-dollery-tickets-504324376787

9th-11th February Finding Space Exhibition Details Here:

11th February Day of life drawing and the Manufactured Body as a Sculpture (In Person), The Loft Hawth Theatre, Crawley, West Sussex. Book Here:

The Manufactured Body Project 2017- Ongoing.

Official Press Release

Alison Dollery is an Interdisciplinary Artist Based in Crawley and London. The artist uses the body as the canvas, sculpture, medium and material within her artworks that combine the body, performance, drawing, painting, sculpture, writing and photography.

I am interested in our bodies’ transformative, visceral nature and using the artist’s body as research. Using the body this way changes our perceptions and hopefully provokes a conversation about how we manufacture our future bodies differently. Additionally, it collapses the space between the artist and the life model and pushes what drawing, painting and photography can be when using the body to reimagine our bodies differently. It transcends and transforms all traditional interpretations of the body.

“I use my body because it’s the medium I know the best, and I can push it to its limits”…

Alison Dollery holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and has exhibited nationally and internationally at the Tate Modern, Oxo Tower, and New York, with awards in photography.

The Manufactured Body Project started in 2017 and is a research project using the arts and philosophy to understand how we have socially constructed the material of our bodies, size, weight, gender and politics of the body. The Manufactured Body project and exhibition are aimed to be thought-provoking and is informed by the artist’s lived experience of extreme weight loss, and to experience the body differently in contemporary art.

The exhibition is entwined in theoretical discourse, literacy and philosophy, entangled with themes of the body in contemporary art and our manufactured body language (writing and research).

How did we manufacture our bodies?


Alison Dollery, has curated both the Manufactured Body Exhibition and Memory, Absence and Experience Exhibition. She is an advocate for the arts to transform space, experiences and social engagement.

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